Sudden Ideas

You don’t expect them, yet they come. The first one came to me while I was walking back home, for example. Two new ideas/features for Kipos:

· Activity Log system: It will keep a record/track of everything that happens in your garden, eg. when your creatures eat, when a ball bursts, when two of your creatures breed, when something uncommon happens. It will also be an useful tool for tracking bugs.

· Interface Control system for the TV version. You may already know that I’m planning to add AirPlay support for Kipos, among other systems to watch your garden from other devices. I recently came up with an awesome system to control the game on the TV with your iPhone/smartphone. It’s so great that I wonder why other developers haven’t used it yet for controlling Apps on the TV. I won’t give much detail about the system, for now, and it may remain a secret until its release.

Oh, and you can see in the image what could be an upcoming breed of Kipos.