Status Update!

  • Last weekend I participated in the Global Game Jam 13. Our team didn’t have a proper 3D modeller/animator, so we did what we could with Unity3D. You can check it here.
  • Biribit is already working. A player can sing up and add/delete friends. Some features are left to add, like Messaging. This is going to be huge.
  • I attended two workshops, one about Unity3D and the other about cocos2D. I also attended a cocos2D-X presentation. They both are viable choices for creating multiplayer cross-platform games. I’m thinking about porting Kipos to cocos2D-X.
  • Some Kipos features that are top priority on my list: Biribit implementation, Breeding&Relations, more interaction with the Kipos, add a new breed, more multiplayer features.