Status update

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not updating for a while. I’m currently working on multiple things at the same time.

  • Kipos 1.4: I have removed the ‘BETA’ label, added falling snow particles. To-Do: remove or finished visible unimplemented features, like EXP-status, environment-need bar, etc… I will hopefully finish this by tomorrow.
  • Winter-minigame: A new minigame! I am not sure if the multiplayer mode will be finished by Christmas, but it seems way more fun than “That’s My Gift”. It will be possibly available for Android and PC. (And it’s multiplayer version too)
  • Biribit: Thanks to this project, you will be given a cross-platform profile to play Kipos, add friends, save achievements, sync data, redeem codes, and lots of cool stuff.
  • That’s My Gift – I’m planning to add a ‘Host Game’ and ‘Join Game’ button, so that’s easier to make play with your friends and create private games.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for your wonderful reviews! :)

Wow……. – I am speechless every kid in the uk should buy this! Thank you for the update and remember that I (anonymous ) am supporting you in every update……. Woooooo Hoooooo!!!!!! – by The Friend of this kind

Awesome game so far – I really like this game even though I just got it. I hope they don’t run away over night, you should make the sleeping patterns more realistic and I think they should be able to breed. I think perlite mixed colors like turquoise or maroon instead of those normal boring colors. Looking forward to more updates and I think more mini games that are easier to get groups and play with friends should be added too. – by It’s the Joe

Kipos could be better :) – I love the new additions but they should make new breeds and colors featuring pink,blue,red,green,yellow,purple,orange,white,and black,plus maybe more mini games and my freinds play kipos but we can’t manage to link so maybe you could put like a freind code thing or game code like host join random group join.thnx if you do any of my ideas and I hope you like my ideas.:) – by Sk8terbird