Sorry, I can’t help it

Kipos 1.4 is not getting released before the end of the year. Sorry, I can’t help it. And it’s a real shame since it fixed the difficulty of the game and added new items, among the winter vegetation and snow effects.

Every time I submit a binary, a version of the app, I have to wait one week for it. The reviewing duration then usually takes a day. This time, furthermore, the reviewing period was one week long. And if they only tell me one of the ‘wrong things’ my app has each time it’s reviewed, you can easily figure out why is it taking so long.

I’m just a student, sorry if I can’t work at the level of Ubisoft, as many of you would expect when you see an app on the App Store.

You can still get Kipos 1.4 if you enrol as a betatester for bluecodestudio.

I will wish you happy holidays in a couple of days. I prefer to wish them along good news. See you then!