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I wonder how many of you were looking forward to this announcement.

I’ve recently been reading ‘The Lean Startup’, by Eric Ries. It has really inspired me and empowered me to go on with the project. Not only to go on with it, but to achieve success even though my resources are limited and my direction is rather cloudy.

Some data about the game: Kipos has over 80,000 downloads and even after almost two years without a single update it still has around 300 bootups per day. And I still get wonderful reviews by people who are new to the game, or who have been playing since it was released in 2012. I’m very grateful.

Kipos’ goal is to be the best cross-platform multiplayer game. To achieve that, I’m now developing the game using cocos2dx, which deploys to iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, Windows Desktop and Linux.

I’m also focused now on simplifying the features to the basics, effectively reducing the feedback loop for the direction of the game. In other words, I will be able to send updates to you (the betatesters) more frequently, and thanks to your feedback and game data I will be able to find out faster what is best for the game.

So, if you are excited about seeing where Kipos is heading, I suggest you sign up for Kipos’ newsletter on the form below. I will also send a betatester invitation the week before the beta release on March 31st 2015. I will also try to post more frequently, at least once every other week.

If you have any question, doubt, or you just want to show me your excitement, leave a comment below. It really means a lot. I’m looking forward to see you soon! :)

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  • kirbycarr2

    Glad to see the project picking back up!

    • waterhorse800

      I know. I’ve been waiting for forever. So happy!!! :)

  • Jules Reay (EpixDeity)

    I signed up for email late, I’m a big fan and would like to help with the beta test, but I don’t know if I am too late.. :/

    • Never too late! Just sign up and you’ll get an email whenever I end up sharing something. Sorry for the late reply!

  • Mariana

    Sooo… Any news on this?

    • Hi Mariana! Sadly, not much to share so far, some personal matters came up short after this announcement.
      Also, I started working on a company in April. Which is good, because now I can afford hiring an artist. Anyways, things are looking better now.

      • Mariana

        That’s great! :D


  • Konichiwa

    What’s the current estimate now for the release of the next update?

    • Konichiwa

      And will it still be compatible with ios 6? I hope so…

      • I don’t like giving estimates… but hopefully I have something to show in less than a month… otherwise it means I’ve had a very busy month. :)

      • Regarding iOS6, I’m now using Unity 5 to build the game. A quick Google revealed: “The minimum target iOS version for Unity 5 is iOS 6.0”.

        So fingers crossed. :)

  • JulesJill Reay

    Can’t see on App Store anymore ?

    • Yeah, my iOS Developer license expired, and I didn’t get around re-activating it again. It’s good to know there’s people that miss the App though. :)

  • Mariana

    I lost my Kipos!! :( my iPad updated its software and I lost the app… It’s not on the App Store anymore… Is Kipos over? I miss mine…

    • Oh, no :(. How come the App was lost? I didn’t know that could happen.. No, Kipos is not over, I’m still trying to work on it.. It’s not on the App Store anymore since my license expired, and I didn’t renew it.. I guess I should renew it already.

  • Mariana

    Is Kipos oficially over? :(

  • Shadow_tiger

    I can’t get into kipos. Every time i click yes or no for the tutorial, my game crashes

  • Mariana

    Is Kipos ever coming back? :/

    • Hi Mariana!

      Sorry, same old news. I started getting used to Unity at least, so part of my fears/barrier disappeared. And I’m going to learn a lot of Unity this summer, since I’ll be working at Improbable ( My second half of June looks free-ish, hopefully I can get started / get something done. And hopefully having started the project gets me motivated to continue it.

      Thanks for caring / staying along – it means a lot. :)