Short-status update

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you now the progress of this weekend. Sadly, there hasn’t been much progress on the programming part of Kipos. Work, homework and a birthday took most of my time, and the little time left that I was hoping to spend on Kipos, was instead spend trying to qualify for Google’s Code Jam (which I succeed!).

However, I’ve come up with some ideas for Kipos.

As the multiplayer games come, this is going to be a must: an account/profile/messaging system, that will be used across all the games I will make in the future, and that will also be cross-device powered: iOS, Android, PC, etc. I will create a website for the system, and I will release an API, so that other developers can use it as well.

I also came up with a nice design for a Kipos t-shirt, featuring the slogan “Feeding with cocopops since 2011”, and some other ideas.

For those who didn’t know, the aim for Kipos is also releasing the game for free in other platforms, like Android or PC, but I will work on it in summer.

I hope you are all doing okay! :)