Sad news…

We found that your app appears to be a pre-release, test, or trial version. Apps that are in beta form, or that are for demonstration or trial purposes only, are not appropriate for the App Store and are not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

We found “Beta” terminology within your binary. Additionally, we found that your app contains unimplemented features.

Please refer to the attached screenshots for more information.

It would be appropriate to complete, remove, or fully configure any partially implemented features and/or to remove any references to “demo”, “trial”, “beta”, or “test” in your application description and release notes, and from within the app. […]

Kipos 1.4 was finally reviewed yesterday, Wednesday, and Apple was not satisfied with it.

The only solution is that Kipos stops being a beta and becomes a “finished”-game/release.  I’m making the changes as fast as I can on my free time: removing the ‘BETA’ label, finishing some unimplemented features, and I will hopefully re-submit an acceptable version by the end of this week.

Sorry for making you wait!