Plans for Kipos

Hi! I wanted to let you know what my plans are for Kipos. This involves unveiling the big surprise I have for the game, and news you are probably interested to hear.

For several months I’ve tried to gather a team and organise a crowdfunding campaign for Kipos. This was in order to fund the project and to be able to develop it further. However, I failed at finding a 2D/3D Artist, since most wanted to be paid ahead, or they were busy. And the only budget I have for the game is the one I would get from the crowdfunding, so there is no way I could pay them upfront.

Therefore, the only choice available is to develop the whole game on my own, which is actually what I have been trying to do so far (except for the music).

Problem: I don’t have enough free time to develop the whole game on my own. :(

Solution: Be able to stop working as a freelancer to work on Kipos.

How am I going to do that? Creating a crowdfunding campaign so that fans and people get perks while helping the development of the game!

Everything about the full version of the game will be revealed in the video for the presention of the crowdfunding campaign. Here are some things I can share with you for now:

· I’m aiming to release the game for the following platforms: iOS, Android, OUYA and Steam.

· Coins will be only obtained via playing minigames (both singleplayer and multiplayer), completing missions, etc.

· There will be a special kind of currency that will only be obtained via winning competitions, tournaments, and special events.

· I dislike pay-to-win, so it’s something you will never see in Kipos.

I’m currently working on a big project, so I won’t be able to organise/launch the crowdfunding campaign until I finish the work, which will be around October-November.

I will also make (at least) one more update to Kipos for iOS. Sleep bugs in certain cases, need bubbles bug when they start sleeping. I also want to add Cloud Syncing, so that you can play with the same garden in different devices, and a feature to exchange Kipos with your friends.

That’s all for now.