More features

Hey there!

I wanted to share with you some ideas I’ll probably implement sooner or later in Kipos, some of them might be included in the following update.


· Save-Data Enhancement: Many issues will be solved with this feature. Some people have ‘corrupted’ save datas. For example, depending on the issue, bowls become unassigned each time they open the App; others simply can’t play.

I’ll add a ‘login/welcome’ screen that will appear before entering the garden. You will be able to link your game/garden save-data with your Facebook or Twitter account. Your save-data will be synced among your devices, so that you’ll be able to play with the same garden in any of your devices. You will be able to play with only one device at the same time.

You’ll also be able to send me your save-data if it’s ‘corrupted’ or has any kind of bug, letting me ‘patch’ the error on Kipos, an probably fixing your save-data and sending it back to your device :)


· Daily Reward: If your account is linked to Facebook or Twitter, you’ll get a a reward each day you come back to Kipos, probably spinning a wheel, or something similar.


· Suggestion and Help Box: I will also create an easier way to message me within Kipos’ login screen.


If you have any order ideas, they’re welcomed! Have a nice day! :)

  • ChromeTaikon

    I think it would be cool if Kipos had a chat bar that you could talk to neighbors or friends or anyone random ( too many or LOL)
    Please add this great game!

    • David da Silva Contín

      It is planned :)

  • I think they should have personalities each have their own

    • David da Silva Contín

      It is planned :) I have also planned relationships, ‘likes/dislikes’ and breeding.

      • Kayla

        Like that they will be able to breed with each other hmmm probably small baby Kipos.

        • That would be cute

          • David da Silva Contín

            I’m pretty sure it will be :)

  • There should be a stronger fence

    • David da Silva Contín

      I’m not sure about that.. they escape because they lack attention or food. I don’t want them ‘dying’ inside the fence.

      • Ok just thought they escape for no reason

  • There should be more to do with your kipo

    • David da Silva Contín

      Well, that’s not an idea problem, but my own time’s problem.

  • Makenna k

    I really love this game I play it a lot but I agree with the other comments about the bays that would be ADORABLE!!!! And just some ideas but I think it would be coll if you could bath them and take them for walkes to make them happier. Also ( I don’t mean to be annoying ) but you should be able to expand the garden so you can add more trees and you should make it so we can buy more stuff!!! ;) I really don’t want to be annoying I’m just making suggestions. hope this helps !!!! :D

    • David da Silva Contín

      Oh, I really like those ideas. I want more direct interacting from the player to the Kipos, and viceversa. Good suggestions, thanks :)

  • Elysse

    I like your Ideas, and I think it would be cool to have neighbors who we could compete against, give gifts, trade kipos, that kind of stuff. Thanks for listening

    • David da Silva Contín

      Oh, sure :) I will add it this summer :) Thanks to you ;)

  • U should make better bouncy balls

    • David da Silva Contín

      As soon as I can, I’ll make them roll around the garden, when kipos play with them ;)

  • Star johnson

    It would be interesting if we start out with the primary colors then we have to breed them to get th other colors.

    • David da Silva Contín

      There will be some basic colors to choose, or breeds, and you will have to obtain new ones by breeding :)

      • Anonymous

        That sounds awesome!

        • David da Silva Contín

          Thanks! :)

  • Anonymous

    I think that there should be neighbors and you should be able to trade kippos. If it is not to much trouble, you should also add levels to each kippo. For example, when it is one week, it turns to level two. Then three weeks and it turns level three and so on. One more thing, there should be common kippos, uncommon kippos, rare kippos, legendary kippos, and limited kippos. The rare, legendary, and limited should only be sold for a few days a month/year. Please tell me what you think!!! : )

    • Kayla

      Like this idea

    • David da Silva Contín

      Thanks for the ideas!

      I’ll make each of those ideas as soon as possible :)
      Though they will level up when they gain enough experience, not a level per week of life.

      • Zach

        How do they gain experience

        • David da Silva Contín

          They can’t right now. But they will gain it while playing games, or doing specific actions.

  • Kayla

    A friend list that you can send game invites so you can invite and play with or against the person you invited. A mailbox/ inventory box so you can send items to others and hold items. Seasons/ Holidays for example: if it is valentines day the garden turns pink or red or white. More selection in the store…

    • Kayla

      Like trees and bushes that grow food

      • David da Silva Contín

        In the future, you will have to plant them, and they fill grow fruits :)

    • David da Silva Contín

      Oh, I hadn’t thought about the holidays/specialdays :D Thanks!

  • Affella


    • David da Silva Contín

      Good one! Thanks! :)