Mini-multiplayer game mechanics and power-ups request!

Hello everyone!

I’m going to be very busy until 18/5, a bit busy from then to 23/5, and afterwards I’ll be quite free :)

Mini-game mechanics? The game has several rounds. In each round, each player has to choose a gift. When all the players have chosen a gift, they will be opened in order. A gift can contain either a fruit, a power-up, or it could be empty.

Fruits give you coins. Each fruit gives you a different number of coins.

Power-ups are the ‘fun’ key of the game. And I’ll gladly hear any suggestion of yours! I have a few power-ups in mind for now:

– Bomb: it explodes right in front of your Kipos’ face (ouch), you lose coins and you won’t be able do to anything in the next round.

– Coin-Vacuum (or whatever I call it in the end): you can choose a player and steal/absorb coins from him by tapping the screen. The opponent also taps the screen in order to defend himself. More or less coins are stolen depending on the tapping speed! (rage frenzy! :D)

– BombThrow: the same as the bomb with the ‘slight’ difference that you’re able to throw it to the chosen opponent. (more rage frenzy! :)

Other ideas:

– Shield: it protects you for X turns. Simple.

– x2: you gain double points in your next round.


Any other ideas? :)