LD26 + Testing Kipos 1.5



Last weekend was Ludum Dare 26. I started working on Sunday at 23.30 PM, and I entered the Jam competition/category, since you can also work on Monday for that one.

In less than 12h, I was able to create ‘CELLVORSUM’, an HTML5 Gamepad compatible game. You can play it here, clicking on ‘Web’.

About Kipos 1.5, since I barely have betatesters, I have to make sure by myself that the game is working correctly. I’m specially concerned about the needs and the new sleeping system; I wouldn’t like that everyone’s Kipos escaped after the update.

  • Mariana

    How can I become a betatester?

    • airrider3

      Hello Mariana, sorry for the delay; I’ve been having a lot of work lately. To become a betatester you have to enrol in our list (http://tflig.ht/10F1YoP) and register one of your devices in testflight.

      • Mariana

        I’ve done that, but There’s no app or build there…

        • airrider3

          Sorry for not replying, I will be busy until mid-June. :(
          Though I will send a build now.

  • Anonymous