Late May status update

Hello fellowers!

A lot has happened last week. Intense. Let’s sum it up.

· This week has been the improving-mark-exams one. So, I have officially finished High School! That means NO more homework! I still have some special exams though.

· A few weeks ago, I sent an application for a scholarship organized by Apple (I filled a form, enclosed my research project’s pdf, etc). After the selection process, they awarded me with a free ticket to attend WWDC (the World Wide Developer Conference), which is hosted in San Francisco. They usually cost $1500, and are very hard to buy, as they get sold out in about two hours. However, my pre-university exams (Selectividad here, SATs there) are held on the same week as WWDC, so I had to turn down the emmense opportunity.. :(

· But I did receive an email today which informs me that the government has given me a scholarship for an intensive english course in Spain (yes, in Spain o.O), which will be my vacations, and I’ll surely have fun! :D

· Some users made an unofficial LeagueOfLegends ‘port’ for Mac. Kudos to them!

· I was going to participate in the Mayhem PIGJam, but I realized that I’ve got more important work to do and, besides, the theme or ‘prompt’ that I got wasn’t quite inspiring… ‘Implosion!’.


I hope I can get to work on Kipos soon. The fact of having the prototype of the multiplayer mini-game working for over a month, and not being able to release it, is getting me quite annoyed.

By the way, I’m not sure if you have noticed it, but there is a ‘Subscribe to this Blog’ widget on the blog’s main page. I thought you would be interesting in knowing its existence :)

See you soon! :D