Kipos 1.4 is finally released + upcoming features!

What a great week start, Kipos 1.4 has finally been released! Everyone should be able to download/update it from the App Store by now.

For the next update I have already some features on my mind:

· Finish the Environment Need functionality.

· Provisional accounts/profiles for Kipos players. With a profile you will be able to sync your game’s data between your devices, earn coins when playing “That’s My Gift” and redeem codes for content.

· Host/Join feature for “That’s My Gift!”.

· A section in the status bar that tells you how many players are online on “That’s My Gift!”, the multiplayer mini game. It will also prompt a small notification when someone creates a game/match; when you start a “That’s My Gift!” match and you are waiting for someone to join, everyone playing Kipos will get a small notification, so it’s more likely that you find someone to play with! (You can disable the notification feature)

· New objects for the Shop.

These following months I specially want to focus on adding more content/objects to the game’s Shop. Decorative items are much more easier to add, as I don’t need to mess with much coding. Do you have any suggestion for an object for the Shop, or anything else for the game? Please, leave it as comment, and I will think about it!

Thanks for playing Kipos!

  • Bug

    After the update my kipos has run away five times and doesn’t eat at all make a breeding option so u don’t have to spen as many coins mi kipos r never happy with environment do this please I’m might be a kid but my ideas r great and will get more players trust me do it please please please

    • airrider3

      If your Kipos doesn’t eat at all means that either it hasn’t have an assigned bowl to eat from, or there isn’t any food in their assigned bowl. Make sure that there are always at least 2 Kipos in the garden, so they can fill their Social need, and a ball for the Fun one.

      The Environment Need isn’t finished, as this same blog post says: “· Finish the Environment Need functionality.”

      I’ll try to make the breeding option when I have enough time for it.

      Thanks for you feedback. :)

  • Darrilli

    Ooh, can you make kipo accessories? Bowtie and fez? I would like to see a quest and explore feature added.

    • airrider3

      Sure, those are on my planned features list. It’s a pretty big list though. :)