Kipos 1.4 is finally released + upcoming features!

What a great week start, Kipos 1.4 has finally been released! Everyone should be able to download/update it from the App Store by now.

For the next update I have already some features on my mind:

· Finish the Environment Need functionality.

· Provisional accounts/profiles for Kipos players. With a profile you will be able to sync your game’s data between your devices, earn coins when playing “That’s My Gift” and redeem codes for content.

· Host/Join feature for “That’s My Gift!”.

· A section in the status bar that tells you how many players are online on “That’s My Gift!”, the multiplayer mini game. It will also prompt a small notification when someone creates a game/match; when you start a “That’s My Gift!” match and you are waiting for someone to join, everyone playing Kipos will get a small notification, so it’s more likely that you find someone to play with! (You can disable the notification feature)

· New objects for the Shop.

These following months I specially want to focus on adding more content/objects to the game’s Shop. Decorative items are much more easier to add, as I don’t need to mess with much coding. Do you have any suggestion for an object for the Shop, or anything else for the game? Please, leave it as comment, and I will think about it!

Thanks for playing Kipos!