Kipos 1.4.5 waiting for review

I just submitted Kipos 1.4.5 to the App Store, and it is now waiting for review. Usually it takes one week for it to get reviewed. So, if there isn’t any complain by Apple about the update, it should be on the App Store soon. Here’s the change log:


Thanks for your patience! Here’s the update:

New features in 1.4.5:

– You can choose any color for your Kipos with the new Color Picker, even for your existing Kipos. And doing so doesn’t cost any coins.

– New Report Bug panel. Your save data is also sent to me. This will help me debugging bugs.

– A brand new Creature Info Panel. You are going to love it. :)

– You can now set your creatures to sleep during X hours.

– Fixed visual bug with Food Bowls’ collision box.

– Kipos needs’ adjustments and bug fixes. Their stats will not decrease so fast, but they will still interact as much, even if they don’t really need to satisfy a need.

– Fences are now untouchable, so objects near them are easier to select.

– Kipos have dream bubbles. You can send me drawings, and they might become Kipos’ dreams in future versions. :)

– You can listen to your own music while playing Kipos; your music will not stop playing when opening Kipos.

– Kipos Lobby: an online garden you can visit with one of your Kipos. You can chat and play minigames with other people connected to the garden.

– Food Bowls change their color to their assigned Kipo.

– Added a new ads system: Chartboost. Users who have the StarterPack won’t see the ads.

– Other bug fixes.

Future features:

– Eggs and breeding.

– Relationships and conversations.

– Clothing.

– Usability improvements for Voice Over users, such as an – AutoPlace button.

– More minigames.

If you enjoy the game, please, consider supporting it via getting an StarterPack! :)




  • Sounthone

    I like how u can see how they days been but there only seem to dream about three thing food I know apple there favor fruit now, and running away be cool if there where an extra garden they can go to do stuff like a running pitch with hurdle, they seem to enjoy running away

    • airrider3

      Those are the only two dreams available for now. Yeah, I want to add more things, I just need time..

  • Minnow

    Hey I love this game!! It’s really awesome and I love it! I especially love how cute the Kipos are and the little “Hi” popup in the beginning. I will soon buy the StarterPack (after I stop being a broke teenager) so please keep working on it! ^_^

    • airrider3

      Hi Minnow! Thanks for the compliments, your comment is cute too :)
      We are probably having big improvements this summer, stay tuned!

  • Minnow

    I haven’t stopped being a broke teenager but I bought the StarterPack anyways! Yay~! Hope to see cute new things! ^_^

    • airrider3

      Thanks! I hope so too. :)

  • Frost

    Ok I love this game. It reminds me of choa ( don’t know how to spell it) Garden from the old sonic games. But I’m concerned there won’t be any more updates. I think this is an amazing idea and hopefully it will pick up. Please work on this game it can be great

    • airrider3

      Chao Chao Garden! I loved that game, and I love the Sonic franchise. I just had a very busy year, sorry. And I’ve ended up disliking announcing things since I’ve proved myself that my life changes quickly/easily and, with it, my free time, the only moment I can work on Kipos. :(

      • Frostbite

        Thank you for replying. Knowing that your there and still thinking about this game tells me it still has a chance.

  • pickitlow ITLOWPROGECT

    it seems like the game has been abandoned
    all the posts and updates go back to 2013
    Dont give up on a game with so much potential!!!!!

  • pickitlow ITLOWPROGECT

    This game will get big
    if you keep working on it!