Kipos 1.4.5 released!

I was looking forward to this day for a long time.

Even thought I knew this version had bugs, it is playable (at least I’ve been able to play it without problems), I just wanted to release the new features that had been waiting in my Xcode project for some months.

Some known bugs:

– Kipos might stop sleeping if the app is closed completely (with the X in the task manager) or if shut down by iOS.

– When loading the game, if Kipos were sleeping, they might fail to set their sprite to the sleeping one.

– Old bugs or unfinished features.

Enjoy the new features, and let me know if anything goes wrong! :)

  • Riku Ansem

    Tiooo, usas el traductor de google para ponerlo en español, ¿no? XD

    • airrider3

      No, yo hablar así.

      Sí, es el plugin Transposh. Te da una traducción por defecto que puedes modificar de manera muy cómoda. El problema es que no tengo tiempo para estar traduciendo textos. Ni siquiera he podido traducir el texto de la update para la App Store española. Ni el de la presentación:

      Pero bueno, lo importante es la update. :/

      • Riku Ansem

        Aiiix, te entiendo XD
        Almenos tu aprovechas bien el tiempo u.u

  • Ice

    Why don’t you pepole add baby’s to the game

    • airrider3

      Because I don’t have enough time to work on it. >.<

  • Waterhorse

    You should add a feature where Kipos can start dating at a certain age. Maybe you could even breed with your friends. I also think there should be male and female settings which you can change when you get them for free but it costs money to change if you’ve already selected it, and the price goes up each time.

    • airrider3

      Yep, that’s planned. :)