Kipos 1.4.5 Bug Reports

Hi, thanks for all the reports submitted these days!

Once I know X bug, all the other reports mentioning it don’t help much, and I can’t spend too much time replying instead of working. From now on, I will only reply to those I haven’t commented about in this blog, so I don’t really need more reports about the following bugs:

1. Bugs about Kipos not sleeping, stop sleeping, energy bar not filling, etc.

2. Bugs about FoodBowls becoming unassigned, and any other bugs involving FoodBowls.

3. Bugs about ‘Play with this Kipo!’.

About bug 1: If you close the app while your Kipos are sleeping, they will stop sleeping. If while the app is closed they start to sleep by themselves (when their energy reaches 0), they will sleep for 6h.

About bug 2: Don’t pay attention to the FoodBowl’s tooltip, what matters is the Kipo’s Info Panel. If the FoodBowl doesn’t have the same color as the Kipo, try unassigning and assigning again.

About bug 3: This is something I’m currently working on, it’s not finished.

Thanks for the feedback, I hope you are having a great summer! :) And thanks for the fantastic reviews and the support via the StarterPacks! :)

  • Donna Parker

    I have 3 KIPOS OUT SIDE THE FENCE. Is that normal? There is no way to get them inside the fence

    • airrider3

      Hi! In the third page of their Info Panel, there is a button to ‘relocate them inside the garden’. Below the ‘Rename’ one. :)

      • Donna Parker

        Thank you! :)

  • Rdococ

    I’ve found a new bug. On some of my kipos, whenever they start sleeping, they literally talk in their sleep. Why is this occurring?

    • airrider3

      Talk? Are you sure they are not dream bubbles?

      • Rdococ

        I’m sure. The speech bubbles are blue and I saw them. The dream bubbles still appear along with the speech, and the speech bar is affected (a kipo is affected for a period of time, then it stops, then comes back)

        • airrider3

          Well, Need Bubbles have that bug since the game’s release. Since I don’t have much time to work on the game (none lately), and since it wasn’t a simple bug to fix, I decided to add new features instead. Sorry for that.