Important news about Kipos

Hi guys! First of all, I want to give some stats since the last update release (9 Oct – 25 Oct):

· 2,136 App Downloads
· 975 App Updates
· 20 StarterPacks Sold

Thanks everyone for your support!

About Kipos major updates and upcoming multiplayer games. I’ve decided to switch to Unity3D developing. With the same project, I will be able to publish to iOS, Android, Web, PC and Mac, and that’s a huge advantage. Furthermore, some of the games will be easier to develop in 3D. So for now, I will only make minor releases to Kipos.

In case you upgraded from the last version, there is a chance that your Kipos are chilling outside the garden. The next update will include a ‘Reset position’ button for the Kipos, so that you can bring them back inside the garden.

I will also add two more colours for the Kipos, at least: a brighter blue, and a darker blue. I could also accept some other colour requests, specially if they come from those who bought the StarterPack! (Just send me an email with the suggestion at, and a photo proving you acquired the StarterPack, in case you did!)

I hope the update is ready soon!