• How do I earn coins? You earn one coin every ten seconds per each Kipos you own.
  • All my creatures have ran away, and I don’t have enough coins to get them back or get new ones. What can I do now? You can reset the game’s data on the ‘More’ menu. Take better care of them next time!
  • One of my kipos is outside the pen/garden. How do I put him back in? On their Info Panel there is a button called ‘Reset Position’ that puts them back inside the pen.
  • How do I raise the environment bar of my Kipos? That feature is not finished, therefore it won’t raise or decrease.
  • If you reset the position of the Kipos, does it get rid of them? No, it just relocates them inside the garden.
  • Are there any other kind of Kipos? Currently, there is only one breed of Kipos, but there are already other breeds designed and they will be implemented in future versions of Kipos.
  • How do I play with my friends? You can play multiplayer minigames with your friends. They can be found in the third page of the creature’s info panel, or through http://kipos.bluecodestudio.com
  • The App crashes. What should I do? You must send an email to kiposdev@gmail.com telling your current iOS version, the name of your device and any additional information that could help. We will reply in less than 12 hours.
  • I think kipos is a brilliant idea and I hope the creator ads colors new kipos and possibly evolutions of kipos I hope whoever you are you ad more objects and mini games thank you

    • airrider3

      Thank you Clark! I’ll do my best. :)

  • Mariana

    I’ve just downloaded Kipos, and I was very interested, when my kipos ran away because they didn’t have any social and conversation. I have no idea how to increase this… Can someone help me with this? :

    • airrider3

      Hello Mariana! In order to fill their social need they need to talk with other Kipos, so it would be a good idea to have two of them in the same garden. You can also pet them when they are selected, which satisfies their fun and social needs.

      • Mariana

        Now they keep running away during the night. What can I do to prevent this? I make sure they maximise all their needs and put food on their plates before I go to bed…

        • airrider3

          The version of Kipos you are currently playing has a big food need decrease ratio, which in the 1.4 version has been fixed, decreased. It was being released last Wednesday, but it got rejected due to some unrelated issues, as you can read in the latest blog post. I believe you can do nothing until 1.4 gets released, or you could enroll as a betatester to get it sooner. Or you could overload the food bowls with lots of food.

  • Mizuki

    I just got this game but I’m already loving it. Please add more colored kipos!!

    • airrider3

      Kipos 1.4 is already submitted and it will probably be released this week, adding the orange color. I’ll try to add more colors in future versions! Any color preference?

      • Alex

        Que divertido este juego.

        • airrider3

          Gracias. :)

  • Mj

    How can I keep my pet with me during the night? He always runs away while I sleep

    • airrider3

      The difficulty of the game is fixed in the upcoming version. For now, be sure that you have the following elements before going to bed: a ball, assigned food bowls for each Kipos with more than 3 pieces of fruit in them, and more than one Kipos, so they can talk between them.

      • Bug

        Mine run away when they r completly satisfied will this be fixed i have added coments before like about breeding and the kipos going to sleep at 8 so u dont have to worry about them running away and a time out button for when im at school is there any way u can help

        • airrider3

          Social, Hunger and Fun can be filled up to 100 points. They run away when (social+hunger+fun)/3 is less than 0. Those stats are the only ones that matter, and if they run away it’s because they haven’t been satisfied for a long time.

        • airrider3

          I do have your suggestions in consideration. Breeding is coming sooner or later, and the ‘sleep at night’ would be good, but there are features with more priority on Kipos list.

  • Mariana

    I have an issue with the food bowls. I have 8 kipos, and I have no problem taking care of them, but the food bowls are messed up. They are never assigned to the kipos I’ve assigned them to, and some kipos are almost starving, while the bowl are full, all but one. What should I do?

    • airrider3

      Hi Mariana! Deleting the food bowls and getting new ones seems to solve the issue with them becoming unassigned, as other players commented me. :) If you keep having the issue, don’t hesitate to write back.

      • Mariana

        I’ve deleted all the bowls, and tried to buy new ones but I can not place them or move them.

        • airrider3

          This is weird and unusual. This comment thread is becoming too large, I’ll reply you via email.

  • Taylor

    These are the cutest wee things ever. Remind me of having a tamagochi!
    I just wish I could have more interaction with them – give them some attention. Will this be possible in the future?

    • airrider3

      Sure! I’m looking forward to add more interaction! If you want to leave any suggestion, feel free. :)

  • Shay

    I Don’t really get how you play the That’s My Gift.! Game ? How do you win ?

    • airrider3

      When the other players run out of HP. :)

  • Little kelsey762002

    Can you add aqua and more mini games? And things like hats and more foods too?

    • airrider3

      In the upcoming version, which I’m currently finishing, you will be able to select any color for the Kipos. Hats and food could be added in a later version.

  • Little kelsey762002

    Can you add a super kipo which is rainbow? More foods like: chips,candy and etc. some toys, I love this love this game! Great job!

    • airrider3

      Not very easy to do, and I’m not sure it will look good. I will try designing it and I’ll make a decision afterwards. Thanks for the comments! :)

  • Little kelsey762002


  • Little kelsey762002

    Can you replace the distory butten with sell instead?

    • airrider3

      You mean replacing the ‘Store’ label with a ‘Sell’ label?

  • I am absolutely loving this app! I have been looking everywhere for an app like this! I have experienced a few errors, like with a stuck food bowl that I cannot move or assign and the auto unassigned bowl error, but I am loving it! I got the starter pack and I think it was worth my 99 cents. Keep up the good work and I am truly looking forward to the new updates I saw on this site! :)

    • airrider3

      Thanks Amanda! ^^ I’m glad you enjoy the game. :) And thanks for supporting it! I will try to fix the bowl error for the next version.

  • Cupcakegirl6

    I’m loving this app but how do I play the mini game via iPad? I can’t get it to work?

    • airrider3

      Sorry, it is currently offline, but I’m planning to have better singleplayer and multiplayer minigames soon. :)

  • Andrew

    One small issue, I just bought a tree and when I tried to move it outside my garden it got stuck in the fence..? Now I can’t move or place it.. The bush closest to it also isn’t letting me move it. It’s not a big deal, but just wanted to let ya know :)

    • airrider3

      Oh, thanks for reminding me of that issue! I’m adding it to the list so I don’t forget about it. It will probably be fixed in the next version. :)

  • Andrew

    I was wondering if you were going to make it possible to release pets.. Because right now I have 11 and when the update comes I am not going to want to have so many of the same color. Or maybe we can have more than one garden!!! :)

    • airrider3

      You will be able to change the color of your existing pets. Nevertheless, I’ll add the ‘release’ button anyways.

      • Andrew

        Alright cool! Hope everything works out!

  • Erick

    ¿Se puede pasar la información de un dispositivo al otro?? Esque no puedo aunque tenga mi sesión iniciada en gane center xc

    • airrider3

      Hola! Ahora mismo no se puede. Sería útil, será mi prioridad para la próxima versión. :)

  • DrDrea

    Hi! ive been playing kipos for about 6 moths or so but before I update my iPhone I wanted to know if kipos is iOS7 compatible? Thanks!!

    • airrider3

      Wow, that’s a long time! :) Kipos runs fine on iOS7. ;) No problemo!

  • Hollie

    How do I restore it

    • airrider3

      Restore what?

  • Liz Hodges

    How do I continue my game on my iPhone from the one on my iPad?

    • airrider3

      There’s currently no way to do that, I would add it if I had time.

  • Flystinger

    My Kipos have almost no sleep and I told them to sleep all night also it’s happy es bar is empty and the speech bar is too what do I do

    • airrider3

      Sorry, I know there are bugs, I’ll try to fix them soon. :/

  • Kilian

    Hola David , buenas tardes , tengo algunas dudas, la primera de todas es si habrán más actualizaciones más adelante y si la aplicación sigue en proceso , me gusta mucho kipos , pero ahora casi todo me sale en inglés y no soy bueno con el idioma sinceramente , me gustaría saber si podrías decirme las últimas mejoras de la aplicación es castellano y te cuento porque tengo un pequeño problemilla , verás tengo la startepack y tengo un jardín muy grande y me encanta cuidar de mis kipos así que tengo el máximo de kipos posibles , pero he observado que los kipos siempre avanzan hacia su objetivo en línea recta directamente hasta el y si hay obstáculos u otros kipos en medio aveces les cuesta llegar a la pelota su bol u otro kipos y eso hace que no satisfagan sus necesidades lo mejor posible , es eso un problema ? Otra duda que tengo es que tengo la aplicación en mi iPad , las necesidades social y diversión siguen vigentes a la hora de satisfacerlas táctil mente esas necedades a través de las caricias? Y si pulsó en el panel de información actualmente en alguna necesidad el kipos irá a satisfacerla si así lo necesita? , muchas gracias por tu tiempo y si puedes darme alguna respuesta lo agradecería mucho , por lo demás estoy encantado con la aplicación.

    • Kilian González Jiménez

      este es mi perfil y el comentario es mío , espero recibir respuesta pronto , gracias.

      • Kilian González Jiménez

        Este es mi jardín jajajaja y estos mis kipos , quería compartirlos.

        • airrider3

          Yo también acabo poniendo los bowls a los lados, es difícil que lleguen de otra forma. :)

    • airrider3

      Hola Kilian! Gracias por preguntar aquí, así la respuesta sirve para los demás también. :)

      Personalmente quiero seguir desarrollando Kipos, y actualmente el juego no tiene ni el 20% de lo que me gustaría que tuviera.

      Por ahora, Kipos es un hobby mío, pero lleva muchos meses parado. El código de la aplicación es muy antiguo, de cuando comencé a programar, y lo mejor sería rehacerla desde 0. Pero para hacer eso necesitaría tener bastante tiempo disponible para hacerlo de un tirón. Y tiempo poco tengo.

      Muchos de los problemas que mencionas son a causa de la falta de tiempo. El juego en su día también lo tuve que crear rápidamente, era un proyecto de instituto, y si había alguna forma de hacer X más rápido, mientras funcionase aceptablemente, era la vía a tomar.

      El problema de que los Kipos no consigan llegar a su destino sólo corta la acción si tienes la aplicación abierta, en primer plano. Cuando se simula el juego (cuando no estás jugando tú) no se tiene en cuenta la posición de los objetos. (Incluso si están al otro lado de la valla!)

      Las caricias es algo que funciona un poco mal, ya que la aplicación puede interpretar que intentas mover el mapa, pero si las haces más lento creo que es más fácil que funcione.

      Cuando hice la versión mejorada del panel de información creo que no añadí los botones en las necesidades, sería algo importante a añadir en la próxima versión. :/

      En general, intentaré hacer alguna actualización menor, y a largo plazo intentaré crear una campaña de crowdfunding para poder dedicar unos meses exclusivamente al juego.

      Me alegro que te guste el juego, gracias por los comentarios! :)

      Un saludo!

      – David

      • Kilian González Jiménez

        Muchas gracias por responder tan rápido , si lo de la dirección de los kipos es sólo si tengo la aplicación abierta no hay de que preocuparse entonces , yo es que estuve leyendo las actualizaciones pasadas y se nombró algo de apretar en la necesidad del kipos para que la satisfaga o algo así , pero no fue algo que echase en falta , me alegro que la aplicación aún esté en proseso porque estoy impaciente por ver como se va desollando el juego y espero que haya mucha gente más esperando a ver las sorpresas que tengas preparadas , de momento disfrutare del juego lo máximo posible , pero tengo una pequeña duda y es que añado fruta al bol y veo toda la fruta que se a aplicado al bol , el bol me resulta muy útil porque puedo añadir toda la fruta que quiera pero el bol ¿tiene una limitación? ¿O puedes aplicar y aplicar toda la fruta que quieras y permanecer guardada?

        muchas gracias por leerme.

        • airrider3

          No hay problema.

          Si no me equivoco, el bol no tiene limitación, lo cual es un poco raro, ahora que lo pienso… :)

  • KjLove

    They should have a Breed button

  • Mary Anne

    All of my kipos are literally called “unnamed”… How do I name them????

    • airrider3

      Third page of their Info Panel. :)

    • The Crazy Cat

      First, tap the Kipos you want to name. Next, swipe the info panel to the left. You’ll see the data page. Swipe to the left again and you will come to the options page. Here’s where you’ll rename your Kipos. There should be a rectangular blue button that says “Rename”. Tap it, and type in the name.

  • The Crazy Cat

    Dear developer,
    I really like Kipos. It’s really cute but what about the mini-games u keep promising? And what about the Kipos park? Get these things done! Also, don’t forget about the environment bar!
    (P.S. There needs to be more food choices, more things to play with, and more decorations! Like flowers. And books and sticks.)

    • Sorry! Thanks for the suggestions. Books and sticks? That’s new. :)

  • Minnow

    Please make it so that the Kipos can’t run away… Or maybe if they do run away it should be after a week or so. It’s quite difficult for me to constantly be checking the game :p other than that I’m loving it!! :)

    • I think it’s logical for them to run away. e.g., if they have nothing to eat, they will try to find food outside.

      Any suggestions for getting your Kipos back? Hiring a rescue team? Kipos’ home/pound?

      They could also randomly come back, in case they love you enough. That would be cute.

  • Kip

    For some reason when i got the game it wouldnt let me even start it. It would go back to my home screen. I have an ipod touch 2g ios 4.2.1. Please help

    • I don’t think I support that iOS version, sorry. Apple dropped support for it.

  • Chomengo

    ¿Cómo puedo expander mi jardín?

    • Actualmente solo se puede expandir mediante la única In-App Purchase que hay.

  • Kay Graw

    How do u restore energy because i forget and when my kippos slept it went down

    • They should automatically sleep, and doing that should restore their energy.

      • Kay Graw

        What? I don’t even know what this is , of its a game I haven’t had it for like 3 years

        • One year ago. Sorry, I hadn’t seen your comment before. The answer might be helpful for other people as well. :)

  • CoffeeBeanSugaryTop

    How do u name ur kipos

    • airrider3

      There’s a ‘Rename’ button in the third page of the creature’s Info Panel. (the one that comes up when you tap a creature) ;)

  • Xavier Hueber

    Hello ,my sister want to buy the Starter Pack,but she only has 0.98€.
    Can you help me?

    • Hi Xavier! I’m sorry, I can’t really help you with that. I don’t have the tools to set a lower price or make exceptions. :/

  • Sky

    How do I name my Kipos?

    • Mimei

      Select your Kipos by tapping on it, then scroll to the right and you will see the options menu where you will have the option to rename your Kipos. Hope this helped!

  • Anonymous

    When is the next update going to be? It has been 2 years and I’d really love some new stuff. The game is great, by the way.

    • I’m trying hard to work on it. I can’t share much for now, sorry.

  • Mimei

    Do I make money when the app is just running in the background or is it only when I am playing and the app is open? I wasn’t sure

    • You make money even when the game is closed. Cheers! :)


    A mí me sale él tutoríal y le apretó sí o no y me manda fuera de la App pueden ayudarme

    • Hola! Conozco el bug, lo siento. A finales de mes echaré un ojo, a ver qué sucede. Gracias!

  • Nera

    Hi! Every time I try logging in it takes me out of the app. Is there any way you can fix this?