• How do I earn coins? You earn one coin every ten seconds per each Kipos you own.
  • All my creatures have ran away, and I don’t have enough coins to get them back or get new ones. What can I do now? You can reset the game’s data on the ‘More’ menu. Take better care of them next time!
  • One of my kipos is outside the pen/garden. How do I put him back in? On their Info Panel there is a button called ‘Reset Position’ that puts them back inside the pen.
  • How do I raise the environment bar of my Kipos? That feature is not finished, therefore it won’t raise or decrease.
  • If you reset the position of the Kipos, does it get rid of them? No, it just relocates them inside the garden.
  • Are there any other kind of Kipos? Currently, there is only one breed of Kipos, but there are already other breeds designed and they will be implemented in future versions of Kipos.
  • How do I play with my friends? You can play multiplayer minigames with your friends. They can be found in the third page of the creature’s info panel, or through http://kipos.bluecodestudio.com
  • The App crashes. What should I do? You must send an email to kiposdev@gmail.com telling your current iOS version, the name of your device and any additional information that could help. We will reply in less than 12 hours.