Help us!

I am not an enterprise, I am just an indie game developer.

I love creating games, but I can’t work on Kipos as much as I would love to. How come? Every hour I work on Kipos is an hour that I don’t work as a freelancer.

Currently, income from Kipos comes from iAds since the game is free to download. However, ads revenue are only significant if a lot of people play the game.

If you wish to help the development of Kipos, it would really help if you could spread the word about it! There would be more people online to play with, and ads revenue would increase! And just because of sharing your satisfaction on Facebook or Twitter!

Secondly, you can ‘Donate’ clicking on the button below, supported by PayPal. I’m probably going to send a surprise email to most of the donators and maybe a rare item or badge, who knows. :)

And finally, but not least, you also have the In-App Purchase called ‘StarterPack!’, which unlocks some bonus features for the game!

Everybody, thanks for your help and attention!