Help us!

I am not an enterprise, I am just an indie game developer.

I love creating games, but I can’t work on Kipos as much as I would love to. How come? Every hour I work on Kipos is an hour that I don’t work as a freelancer.

Currently, income from Kipos comes from iAds since the game is free to download. However, ads revenue are only significant if a lot of people play the game.

If you wish to help the development of Kipos, it would really help if you could spread the word about it! There would be more people online to play with, and ads revenue would increase! And just because of sharing your satisfaction on Facebook or Twitter!

Secondly, you can ‘Donate’ clicking on the button below, supported by PayPal. I’m probably going to send a surprise email to most of the donators and maybe a rare item or badge, who knows. :)

And finally, but not least, you also have the In-App Purchase called ‘StarterPack!’, which unlocks some bonus features for the game!

Everybody, thanks for your help and attention!

  • Echo

    Both my pet have run away and I only have 103 coins what should I do?

    • airrider3

      The current version of Kipos (1.3) is set to be more difficult than normal by error. Kipos (1.4), the version that Apple is reviewing, is much more easy, and your Kipos don’t run away that easily. It should be published this week, or at least I hope so.

      For now you can reset your data at the ‘More’ menu. The tutorial doesn’t even reset, which adds more difficulty (this bug is also fixed on Kipos 1.4). If you want to do the tutorial again (which gives you a few extra coins), try reinstalling the app, which should also reset your data.

      If you want to get Kipos 1.4 earlier, please apply as a betatester for bluecodestudio.

      Thanks for reporting. :)

  • Alaina

    My pets keep running away even though they are happy. I can’t play the game 24/7 & even after I’m gone for an hour they run away. It’s a great idea but it definitely needs some work. I think it would be nice if you could interact with the pets more, maybe pet them or bathe them or teach them tricks. More items would also be nice like a pillow to sleep on or something like that. Good luck

    • airrider3

      A new version of Kipos has just been approved by Apple, everyone should be able to download/update it in a few hours. In this new version, they only run away if you didn’t care your pets for a few days. You can actually pet your Kipos, though it’s sometimes a bit ‘difficult’; the petting method should be improved. I will hopefully add both the bathing and teaching tricks feature soon. I’ll be focusing on adding new items these following months, I could use some suggestions, if you have any! :) A spot for sleeping, as you said, could be a good one.

  • Silvean

    My pets don’t walk they sit next to each other and just turn around. I came home after school and were in same place with little food gone, food was usually gone by that time. The only thing I could think of was they were ether cold or sick I,tried moving thing away but they stayed in the samy spot so I moved them closer and they don’t seem to be sleeping eather hat do I do?

    • airrider3

      Since version 1.4, Kipos don’t need as much food as before. There was a bug that caused them to be hungrier.

      When you reopen the app, your Kipos try to be at the same spot you last saw them, but they do eat, sleep, play, and talk while you are not looking; if not, they would escape.

      However, if you want to test they can actually move, tap any of their need’s icons, and they should try to satisfy that need.

      I hope this helped! :)

  • Silvean

    Thx that helps but what about thire energy it’s good on my blue but my oranges energy gets lower and lower Evan thow I see him sleep

    • airrider3

      You should worry about the Energy need, as the kipos automatically begin if it’s low enough. You can force them to sleep tapping the energy icon on their info panel.

  • Mariana

    I have 8 Kipos, and they are all very happy, but I’ve keep having the same problem with the food bowls. They don’t seem to be assigned to the kipos I’ve assigned them to, and some of the bowls simply get unassigned on their own. What should I do?

    • airrider3

      It’s one of the few bugs the game has. Try deleting the existing food bowls and buying new ones, and assigning the new ones to the kipos. If the problem persists, there is nothing to do until I fix the bug in a future version. Remember that you can force them to eat from their bowl tapping the ‘Hunger’ need icon on their Info Panel. Thanks for playing. :)

  • Tulgi

    Hey what does the lighting bar stand for?

    • airrider3

      It’s the Energy need. :)

  • Sounthone

    Cool my kipos lighting bar are alway low, I was wandering if u could buy mor garden with things to do in it like a sumo ring, swimming pool,

  • Sounthone

    Funny that I tried building a wall around the garden so they made a jump for it they would be block of by the tree

    • airrider3

      Haha, good idea, but it won’t work.

  • Sounthone

    What happen about the feature playing ur own music at the back ground

    • airrider3

      If you play music using the Music app, it won’t stop while playing Kipos. :)

  • Jenny

    Hey canyon add more things like minigames or swimming pools ecc

    • airrider3

      Hi! Sorry, I missed the message. I’ll try to do so this summer. :)

  • Mattie

    Hey, I really love your game so far and it has a soo much potential :) . Also this may sound weird but if you need help for kipos designs I’m willing to email you some ideas for free, it sounds like it would be fun. Thank you and again sorry if
    that sounded weird. P.s the kipos are adorable ( > 3<)/

    • airrider3

      Hi! This message made my day, it’s actually the first fan art I’ve seen of my game, thanks, pretty cool! :)
      Sure, send whatever you feel like to my email address. I’ll try to improve the game this summer, maybe it inspires me! :)

      • Mattie

        Hey, I just want to say sorry I never sent you those pics I promised I know it’s been a year and I actually have the picture but stuff got in the way and I eventually forgot…good news is that I’ve improved on my art tremendously in the past year so I’ll probably send you some art soon :) thanks and can’t wait for the stuff your planning in the future!

        • airrider3

          No worries! Whenever you can. :)

  • Mattie

    Hey…how do I find your email address or do I just post it here (sorry I’m new at this kind of thing) :(

  • Jesika Wilson

    Hello! I was wondering why this game was taken down from the AppStore? I used to have the game Kipos and I was obsessed with it but I got a new phone and completely forgot about it. I was really looking forward to playing it once I remembered but it’s not on the iOS AppStore anymore. Do you have any idea how I can still download the game? Please help, thankyou.

    • Hi Jesika!

      The game was taken down from the AppStore because I didn’t have enough time to work on it, and it wasn’t generating any revenue due to my lack of attention. Having an iOS license (required to have Apps on the AppStore) costs 99EUR/year.

      I just renewed my license and republished Kipos on the AppStore, since I expect to work on it on the following months. However, I can’t get past the game’s tutorial myself – it crashes when I tap ‘Yes’/’No’. Maybe you have better luck – sorry!

      Also, I recommend you to sign up to the blog’s newsletter – every fan’s feedback will be great, and I’m looking forward to send a message soon about ideas and interviews. :)