Hello world!

I’m finally writing the first post of my very first blog. I always wanted to have one. But, what’s the point of having a blog if you’ve got nothing to tell?

A few years ago, I was just a young developer, struggling my way to learn AS3. Not even that; I only knew some basic AS2 functions like ‘stop()’, ‘gotoAndPlay()’, … one day I even combined some functions, like ‘gotoAndPlay(currentFrame()+1)’! I never managed to get something done because I was learning more and more functions eventually, getting better and better.

Then the first big jump came for me. AS3. What’s the deal? I can already work with AS2! So, what’s the point of learning AS3? I can’t remember why I made the jump. I can just ensure that it has been a great decision. From that day, my programming knowledge has been growing exponentially. Well… not exponentially, but let’s say I didn’t really know how to program before that.

Another big step for me has been, letting Flash go. It may be a great deal for creating multi platform games. Or content. However, with my recent research project on ‘Making an App and publishing it to the App Store’ I have figured out that it has not a great performance. Specially when compiling an App. That pushed me to learn Objective-C, which I now love.

Let’s save some more ‘stuff’ for another blog post.

What I’m trying to point out is that I HAVE now something to tell, something to show. My current main project Kipos is just growing bigger and bigger, and I can’t find the end of it. I’m finishing my last year before university. I’m almost 18. I’m… my life is going to get interesting. I can’t imagine all the things I will be able to create this summer. Everything has changed a lot in so little time, that it seems to me that it was just yesterday when I was learning how functions work. I’m so looking forward to the future. I just don’t have to mess up this last steps. Concentration…