FAQ: Frequent Asked Questions

– How do I gain EXP or how do my Kipos level up?

Currently, you can’t win EXP neither your Kipos can level up. This will be added to the game as soon as the multiplayer games are integrated.


– How come there is only one kind of Kipo available?

Adding more creatures (even though I have some already designed) is one of the tasks that takes more time. As I don’t have much spare time to spend on the game now, I prefer to work in other features, like multiplayer games :)


– I’m running out of space! How do I expand my garden?

This feature will be added soon to the game!


– Is the game going to be free, even when you add the multiplayer games?

Yes! :)   However, I’m adding a ‘StarterPack!’ that will remove the ads, unlock some content, and support the development of the game! :D