Finals are over

Wow. Wow … Wow. Finals are over. No more homework! I just have some mark-improving exams left. So I could say that by the end of next week, high school will be over.

I’ll keep studying for those exams now. There won’t be any improvement on Kipos, or any other project, until those exams are over, as you should expect. However, here’s an HTML5 test I made yesterday to relax a bit.

I hope you are all doing okay!

I’m alive!


Hi fellowers!

Yep, I’m not dead. Just preeetty busy. To sum up my last ‘actions’:

· I participated on LudumDare23. (A game-making competition). I didn’t had much time to make my entry, however, here it is! (And I’ve learnt a lot from making it!)

· Discovered Gamooga, a multiplayer SDK compatible with a laaarge list of programming languages. Great for making Kipos a cross-platform multiplayer game ;)

· I also discovered haXe, a multiplatform open-source programming language. I may port Kipos to this language or to a similar one this summer. (And so, Kipos will be available for Android, Web, and maybe Windows Phone!)

· I classified on Google Code Jam and in OIE! (Olimpiada Informática Española/Spanish Programming Olympiade)


That’s all.

– David