Kipos tees and stickers on RedBubble!

Kipos Basic Tee
w00t w00t! I just uploaded the first Kipos t-shirt/sticker design to RedBubble.

For those who don’t know what RedBubble is, it’s a website where artists upload designs/art which can be printed into t-shirts, pullovers, stickers, iPhone cases, etc. The artist earns some profit from the sold items using his design, so everybody wins!

I want to add more designs. There’s a 50% discount deal when you buy more than 6 stickers, so it would be nice to have different designs to choose from. I am accepting requests! ;)

About the t-shirt, it costs $23.68, and I earn $3.95 per tee sold. Link to RedBubble.

ThatsMyGift 1.2 + UI Preview

I just updated ThatsMyGift’s server with a version that seems to be stable. The server probably won’t hang up anymore, and I won’t need to restart it twice a day.

I also limited the username length to 12 characters.

I’m already working on new features for Kipos. I needed ‘space’ in the app to place them, so I’m designing a new UI for the creature’s InfoPanel. I hope you like it!

Kipos InfoPanel redesign

That’sMyGift! v1.1, bots!

Thanks to a recent review on the App Store (which is quoted below), I remembered that I wanted to add bots, players controlled by the computer, for ThatsMyGift, because many of you couldn’t find anyone to play online with.

I managed to add them in a few hours this evening. If you try to play ThatsMyGift now, in ten seconds you should be able to start playing.

Have fun! ^^

Cute but could use one player games also – I like it and my Niece loves it but it would be great to be able to play one player mini games so u don’t have to have friends just to play a game with the pet and more variety of decorations and more variety of colored pets. Maybe even accessories you can get for your pets also like hats or bows.