Kipos 1.4.5 waiting for review

I just submitted Kipos 1.4.5 to the App Store, and it is now waiting for review. Usually it takes one week for it to get reviewed. So, if there isn’t any complain by Apple about the update, it should be on the App Store soon. Here’s the change log:


Thanks for your patience! Here’s the update:

New features in 1.4.5:

– You can choose any color for your Kipos with the new Color Picker, even for your existing Kipos. And doing so doesn’t cost any coins.

– New Report Bug panel. Your save data is also sent to me. This will help me debugging bugs.

– A brand new Creature Info Panel. You are going to love it. :)

– You can now set your creatures to sleep during X hours.

– Fixed visual bug with Food Bowls’ collision box.

– Kipos needs’ adjustments and bug fixes. Their stats will not decrease so fast, but they will still interact as much, even if they don’t really need to satisfy a need.

– Fences are now untouchable, so objects near them are easier to select.

– Kipos have dream bubbles. You can send me drawings, and they might become Kipos’ dreams in future versions. :)

– You can listen to your own music while playing Kipos; your music will not stop playing when opening Kipos.

– Kipos Lobby: an online garden you can visit with one of your Kipos. You can chat and play minigames with other people connected to the garden.

– Food Bowls change their color to their assigned Kipo.

– Added a new ads system: Chartboost. Users who have the StarterPack won’t see the ads.

– Other bug fixes.

Future features:

– Eggs and breeding.

– Relationships and conversations.

– Clothing.

– Usability improvements for Voice Over users, such as an – AutoPlace button.

– More minigames.

If you enjoy the game, please, consider supporting it via getting an StarterPack! :)




July Update

Lately I’ve been quite busy with college and projects. I will be giving a course at college next week, so I expect to be available starting on July 13th.

A few remaining aspects must be polished before releasing the next update. I really hope it’s available on the App Store this month. I’m not giving any date, so it will be a surprise.

I also want to thank all the fans who make me smile every time I read one of the comments or reviews they leave me. Thanks!


LD26 + Testing Kipos 1.5



Last weekend was Ludum Dare 26. I started working on Sunday at 23.30 PM, and I entered the Jam competition/category, since you can also work on Monday for that one.

In less than 12h, I was able to create ‘CELLVORSUM’, an HTML5 Gamepad compatible game. You can play it here, clicking on ‘Web’.

About Kipos 1.5, since I barely have betatesters, I have to make sure by myself that the game is working correctly. I’m specially concerned about the needs and the new sleeping system; I wouldn’t like that everyone’s Kipos escaped after the update.

About Kipos 3D + status update

Currently, Kipos is made in 2D. In order to add a new creature to the game, a lot of art assets have to be created. Since I’m both the artist and the coder of the game, progress is slow. Besides, the killer multiplayer game that I want to create for Kipos is very difficult to create in 2D.

I recently began working on the new Kipos, this time in 3D. I will create a crowd funding campaign on indiegogo to fund it. With the money I will get from it,  I am hiring a team of developers which will help me to create the game and make it a success.

Multicolor Kipos

The 2D version of Kipos, the one you are using, will only get two more updates: 1.4.5 and 1.5, whose features were mentioned in the last post. Multicolor Kipos will be available since 1.4.5 though, instead of since 1.5.

If you are a StarterPack! owner, I want to clarify that you will still have it on the 3D version of the game, and you will even get some exclusive rewards for being an early supporter of the game. Furthermore, since the 3D game will have many more features, more rewards will be added to the StarterPack!, which you will also get free. :)

If anyone wants to make any suggestions for the 3D game, this is the moment, since I’m currently detailing every detail of the game design before we start coding it.

Thanks for your attention! :)

About Kipos 1.4.5 and 1.5

Energy need (included in 1.4.5)

  • Energy decrease will be bigger during night and smaller during day. It is only applied  if the Kipos is not sleeping.
  • Kipos will not randomly start napping anymore. They will just nap for 60 seconds if they run out of energy.
  • From the InfoPanel, you can now tell your Kipos to sleep for X hours. (As suggested by a fan out there)
  • The goal of these changes are that Kipos only (or mostly) sleep at night.


Relationships and Breeding

  • Kipos can build relationships with other Kipos by having conversations with them.
  • Each Kipos will have a set of hidden likes and dislikes, which will make relationships easier with other Kipos that share the same likes and dislikes.
  • Two Kipos may breed if their relationship score is high enough. They can only breed once every X time. (X to be defined yet)
  • Baby Kipos will be smaller than normal Kipos the first week.


Kipos colors

  • Kipos are now available in any color. If they breed, the baby’s color is a mix of their parents color.


New InfoPanel (included in 1.4.5)

  • There is a brand new InfoPanel. The goal of the new design is being able to contain as much information as posible in the most elegant way. You can easily switch between Kipos without having to leave it. You will love it!


Added Chartboost (included in 1.4.5)

  • A new Ads provider from which I hope to earn more revenue than from iAds. You will not see any ads if you have bought the StarterPack!