Acknowledged 1.3 bugs/issues

As first reported by JonasE99 on Twitter, if you owned an earlier version of Kipos, it’s very likely that your objects and Kipos are misplaced, some even outside of the pen. The only way to get your Kipos back in is letting them escape (by not satisfying their needs) and rescuing them.

I have also noticed tonight that the games created in the multiplayer mini game are not starting. This is due to some last code modifications I made..

Luckily, this is something I can fix without having to release a new update, so I will try to set up the old code in the server while I work in fixing thr new one, the mini game will be probably working in a few hours.

And the next time I update the server-side code, even if it’s just a few lines, I will make as many tests as I need to make sure it works perfectly.

Probably I will make a system for the minigame so that I can organise a tournament/competition, and give some prices and badges!

I hope you are enjoying the update so far!