About the upcoming 1.3 version

Hi Kipos followers!

I’ll keep it short. I’ve got a lot of features to add to Kipos, lots of ideas, lots of games… What I haven’t got right now is the time to implement/add them, I do what I can with my free time by now.

Kipos is in BETA phase. It is still far away from the final idea, so I agree with some that say that the current version of Kipos may be boring. Of course! There’s almost nothing to do in the game right now!

When I will be able to work hard on the game? In summer, and summer is coming. I’m in my last year before university, and I will have my last exams in June.


So, what am I going to add in the upcoming 1.3 version? Actually, there is a lot of ‘basic stuff’ I would like to implement, but I will only implement some of those in this version. The following features (with a ‘+’) are the ones that I’m going to add for sure:

+ Finished ‘More’ menu.

+ The StarterPack! as a In-App Purchase. (Expands garden, removes ads, supports the game, etc)

+ A system to report crashed and fix ‘save data’ issues. (I’m not going to release a new version without this)

+ Fix the ‘hunger’ need. (Which doesn’t go down when you’re not playing and, therefore, creatures don’t eat, because they are not hungry)


Those are the minimum features I want to have for the next version. I won’t release it before all of them are correctly implemented. All of them are more or less finished but the ‘report system’. However, if I find myself with enough time, I may also implement some of these:

– Test version of the first multiplayer game. (I hope I can add it for this version; I can’t wait to try it with you! :P)

– ‘X’ buttons on the different panels in order to close them.

– Etc.


Any sugerence? Comment? I’m looking forward to them :)