About Kipos 3D + status update

Currently, Kipos is made in 2D. In order to add a new creature to the game, a lot of art assets have to be created. Since I’m both the artist and the coder of the game, progress is slow. Besides, the killer multiplayer game that I want to create for Kipos is very difficult to create in 2D.

I recently began working on the new Kipos, this time in 3D. I will create a crowd funding campaign on indiegogo to fund it. With the money I will get from it,  I am hiring a team of developers which will help me to create the game and make it a success.

Multicolor Kipos

The 2D version of Kipos, the one you are using, will only get two more updates: 1.4.5 and 1.5, whose features were mentioned in the last post. Multicolor Kipos will be available since 1.4.5 though, instead of since 1.5.

If you are a StarterPack! owner, I want to clarify that you will still have it on the 3D version of the game, and you will even get some exclusive rewards for being an early supporter of the game. Furthermore, since the 3D game will have many more features, more rewards will be added to the StarterPack!, which you will also get free. :)

If anyone wants to make any suggestions for the 3D game, this is the moment, since I’m currently detailing every detail of the game design before we start coding it.

Thanks for your attention! :)

  • Mariana

    I’m getting really impatient… ;) One more question, you don’t have to answer if you don’t feel comfortable about it, but are you Portuguese?

  • Brittaberry

    I like this game but I feel it needs A LOT more. It needs more mini games (that are a little easier) new designs for the creatures. More decorations and background changes. It needs more food and more things to focus on like water, entertainment. I should be able to throw the ball at the kipos and they hit back. Washing the creature, I don’t want it 3D that is way too much battery but you need a lot more like seasons. Customize the creatures dress up even as crazy as letting them get “jobs” for money. I understand its timely but the more effort the greater the game which could lead to great things

    • airrider3

      I do agree with the mini games part. In fact, the game is meant to be a collection of mini games; I just didn’t have enough time to make them yet… I also have more than 10 creatures designed for the game, it’s time and funding what I need. In fact, everything you’ve mentioned is planned.

      About the 3D comment, 3D does spend more battery, but not much more if it’s well implemented. Kipos 2D’s code is old and not well implemented, and it currently consumes more battery than a 3D game.

      If the graphics are in 3D, every mini game, feature, interaction, is much more easy to create, and that would be good for the development of the game.

      • Andrew

        I think 3D will be fine! If the battery runs out then just plug your device in and charge it!! You can even play while it charges… So I do not really see a problem with it! :)

  • Andrew

    Just got it today and already think it’s great! I bought the starter pack and probably going to donate, I will be glad to help you guys out! I was thinking it would be cool if you could get kipos their very own accessories like small sunglasses or a hat to go on their head. :)

    • airrider3

      Thanks! Yeah, clothing/accessories would be nice, it’s on the list. :)

      • Andrew

        Yep! I also got my niece and nephew to get the game and my nephew got the starter pack! :) We can’t wait for the update

        • airrider3

          Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy it! :)

  • Andrew

    Are the Baby Kipos just going to appear as babies or hatch from eggs.. Or is that not decided

    • airrider3

      Hatch from eggs. You can gift eggs to your friends, which is cute, I guess.

      • Andrew

        Okay then.