That’sMyGift! v1.1, bots!

Thanks to a recent review on the App Store (which is quoted below), I remembered that I wanted to add bots, players controlled by the computer, for ThatsMyGift, because many of you couldn’t find anyone to play online with.

I managed to add them in a few hours this evening. If you try to play ThatsMyGift now, in ten seconds you should be able to start playing.

Have fun! ^^

Cute but could use one player games also – I like it and my Niece loves it but it would be great to be able to play one player mini games so u don’t have to have friends just to play a game with the pet and more variety of decorations and more variety of colored pets. Maybe even accessories you can get for your pets also like hats or bows.

Goals for Kipos 1.5

I have worked on Biribit these last weeks. Biribit brings a lot of features to the game, it’s something to be excited about.

Kipos 1.5 basic goals – Estimate release: around March

  • Biribit is added to Kipos. Each player has a brand new profile. You can add other players as your friends and you can direct message them. There’s a general chatroom where you can chat with all the Kipos players. You can also create chatrooms to chat with your friends.
  • You can no longer play offline. Your game data will be linked to your account and synced between all your devices via a server. This also means that each Biribit account will have its own garden.
  • Kipos will no longer run away. Instead, they will faint. They will gain a certain amount of ‘Faint Points’ upon fainting, that will depend on the number of times that Kipos has fainted in its life. With ‘Recovery Potions‘, which have a low cost, you will be able to remove those ‘Faint Points’. The goal of this method is that you don’t need to spend too many coins the first times your Kipos faints, but that cost will increment both with the time the Kipos has been fainted and the times it has fainted in his life.