iOS 4.2 issues

Some users contacted me reporting that Kipos crashes as soon as they hit the ‘Play’ button with an iOS version below iOS4.3. Unfortunately, Xcode (the SDK used for developing iOS Apps) does not longer support the iOS4.0 Simulator, neither I can deploy/test my App on iOS4.0 devices.

Furthermore, if I update Xcode to its last version (which I will have to do eventually to support the new iPhone5 screen size), Apple ‘forces’ you to drop support to iOS versions below 4.3.

So I am sorry to say that I will not be able to make Kipos work on any device running an iOS version below 4.3. I hope you understand.

Important news about Kipos

Hi guys! First of all, I want to give some stats since the last update release (9 Oct – 25 Oct):

· 2,136 App Downloads
· 975 App Updates
· 20 StarterPacks Sold

Thanks everyone for your support!

About Kipos major updates and upcoming multiplayer games. I’ve decided to switch to Unity3D developing. With the same project, I will be able to publish to iOS, Android, Web, PC and Mac, and that’s a huge advantage. Furthermore, some of the games will be easier to develop in 3D. So for now, I will only make minor releases to Kipos.

In case you upgraded from the last version, there is a chance that your Kipos are chilling outside the garden. The next update will include a ‘Reset position’ button for the Kipos, so that you can bring them back inside the garden.

I will also add two more colours for the Kipos, at least: a brighter blue, and a darker blue. I could also accept some other colour requests, specially if they come from those who bought the StarterPack! (Just send me an email with the suggestion at, and a photo proving you acquired the StarterPack, in case you did!)

I hope the update is ready soon!

Website maintenance

I’m moving to a different hosting. I’m confident the website will not go down anymore, which is good for all the content that relies on the server.

I am also working on the next update (Kipos 1.3.1). It will fix some bugs/issues (like the tutorial not appearing after a manual reset) and it will also decrease the food need of the Kipos, which in my opinion is a little high, or at least it should tolerate not having satisfied the need for a while.

I will try to add a pair of new items to the Shop, like flowers (as somebody commented in the App Store reviews). You can leave a suggestion in the comments if you wish!

That’s My Gift! fix

I already updated the server-side code to the last stable version of the mini game, and I have been playing with some of you, with Pebbles for example, so it works fine right now.

I will try to add Bots (CPU, AI) so there’s always someone to play with, and even if you do play with other people, the empty slots will be filled with bots so you will always have a 6 Kipos match!

Acknowledged 1.3 bugs/issues

As first reported by JonasE99 on Twitter, if you owned an earlier version of Kipos, it’s very likely that your objects and Kipos are misplaced, some even outside of the pen. The only way to get your Kipos back in is letting them escape (by not satisfying their needs) and rescuing them.

I have also noticed tonight that the games created in the multiplayer mini game are not starting. This is due to some last code modifications I made..

Luckily, this is something I can fix without having to release a new update, so I will try to set up the old code in the server while I work in fixing thr new one, the mini game will be probably working in a few hours.

And the next time I update the server-side code, even if it’s just a few lines, I will make as many tests as I need to make sure it works perfectly.

Probably I will make a system for the minigame so that I can organise a tournament/competition, and give some prices and badges!

I hope you are enjoying the update so far!