Kipos crashes on iOS6, and other stories

If you update to iOS6, Kipos will crash when buying garden objects. Do you lose your data? No, unless you delete the App, of course. I am working on it.

My apologies. I knew that Kipos crashed on iOS6 for a long time. I also know why it crashed on iOS6 for a long time. And I also fixed the issue some months ago.

The problem is that I hadn’t realised that those fixes hadn’t reached you because I haven’t been able to update since May. Wow, since May. It feels terrible.

So why does it crash in iOS6, and it didn’t crash in iOS5? That really surprised me in the beginning. This line is the tricky one: (someString == otherString), which works perfectly on iOS5, but it somehow does not on iOS6. It was as easy to fix as to replace it with: ([someString isEqualToString:otherString]). Nevermind.

I have delayed the update recently because I suddenly got some extra work to do on other project, and because the in-App Purchases were having some issues, and I didn’t want to release a buggy version. So I either submit the update to Apple in the following three days to Apple with the in-App Purchases perfectly working or without them.

Other stories. I have set up a dev team with some friends and we will participating in different contests for fun, earning cash and experience. One of them involves a multiplayer game with Flash, and it will be ready for February, which is the deadline for the contest.

I am also teaming up with some university friends to create a platform that acts as a game hub or middleware for games, which will be very useful for any game developer. It’s basically a GameCenter/XboxLive service to gather your friends, achievements, data, etc and it’s meant to be cross-platform.

I’ve also recently dug into Windows 8 with its new Metro layout and Apps, and it happens to be that it’s easy for me to build Apps for their platform. These Apps will run in PC, tablets and Windows Phones. I am also looking forward to check some Android-related stuff, but to be honest, I prefer having a good game, Kipos, in one big platform, iOS, and then I will think about porting.

To hype you a bit about the upcoming update, I’ll let go some more details about it. I’m surprised how this two little changes add some juice to the gameplay: you can give commands to your Kipos, like telling them to eat, to play, to talk, etc.; and you can also pet them, which will satisfy some of their needs.

I hope that I am not making you wait to much for it…

PD: I also changed the ‘Comments’ default system for Disqus one, which is both functional and neat.

I am also changing soon’s hosting provider, as the current one isn’t reliable, and the server goes down now and then.


There are some issues/aspects that I have been discussing with Apple, and I’m still adjusting some things. I hope that I can submit the update again soon this week.

On the other hand, I want to announce that an UI designer is rethinking and redesigning the App, and the big surprise is already being designed too.

And please, don’t complain much about the delay: it’s something I’m doing for free and it’s a lot of hard work. I hope you understand. See you soon! (hopefully!)