I’m alive!


Hi fellowers!

Yep, I’m not dead. Just preeetty busy. To sum up my last ‘actions’:

· I participated on LudumDare23. (A game-making competition). I didn’t had much time to make my entry, however, here it is! (And I’ve learnt a lot from making it!)

· Discovered Gamooga, a multiplayer SDK compatible with a laaarge list of programming languages. Great for making Kipos a cross-platform multiplayer game ;)

· I also discovered haXe, a multiplatform open-source programming language. I may port Kipos to this language or to a similar one this summer. (And so, Kipos will be available for Android, Web, and maybe Windows Phone!)

· I classified on Google Code Jam and in OIE! (Olimpiada Informática Española/Spanish Programming Olympiade)


That’s all.

– David

Short-status update

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you now the progress of this weekend. Sadly, there hasn’t been much progress on the programming part of Kipos. Work, homework and a birthday took most of my time, and the little time left that I was hoping to spend on Kipos, was instead spend trying to qualify for Google’s Code Jam (which I succeed!).

However, I’ve come up with some ideas for Kipos.

As the multiplayer games come, this is going to be a must: an account/profile/messaging system, that will be used across all the games I will make in the future, and that will also be cross-device powered: iOS, Android, PC, etc. I will create a website for the system, and I will release an API, so that other developers can use it as well.

I also came up with a nice design for a Kipos t-shirt, featuring the slogan “Feeding with cocopops since 2011”, and some other ideas.

For those who didn’t know, the aim for Kipos is also releasing the game for free in other platforms, like Android or PC, but I will work on it in summer.

I hope you are all doing okay! :)


About the upcoming 1.3 version

Hi Kipos followers!

I’ll keep it short. I’ve got a lot of features to add to Kipos, lots of ideas, lots of games… What I haven’t got right now is the time to implement/add them, I do what I can with my free time by now.

Kipos is in BETA phase. It is still far away from the final idea, so I agree with some that say that the current version of Kipos may be boring. Of course! There’s almost nothing to do in the game right now!

When I will be able to work hard on the game? In summer, and summer is coming. I’m in my last year before university, and I will have my last exams in June.


So, what am I going to add in the upcoming 1.3 version? Actually, there is a lot of ‘basic stuff’ I would like to implement, but I will only implement some of those in this version. The following features (with a ‘+’) are the ones that I’m going to add for sure:

+ Finished ‘More’ menu.

+ The StarterPack! as a In-App Purchase. (Expands garden, removes ads, supports the game, etc)

+ A system to report crashed and fix ‘save data’ issues. (I’m not going to release a new version without this)

+ Fix the ‘hunger’ need. (Which doesn’t go down when you’re not playing and, therefore, creatures don’t eat, because they are not hungry)


Those are the minimum features I want to have for the next version. I won’t release it before all of them are correctly implemented. All of them are more or less finished but the ‘report system’. However, if I find myself with enough time, I may also implement some of these:

– Test version of the first multiplayer game. (I hope I can add it for this version; I can’t wait to try it with you! :P)

– ‘X’ buttons on the different panels in order to close them.

– Etc.


Any sugerence? Comment? I’m looking forward to them :)

Push notifications

Hello fellowers!

I would like to add ‘Push Notifications’ to Kipos, but as we all know, these notifications become annoying if they are not useful, or they just spam you, for example, when it has been a while since the last time you have played the game.

So, as you are the ones that play the game, when would you like to be notified from Kipos? (think also about the future features and multiplayer games, not just about the current ‘gameplay’)

I’m looking forward to your answers!

The bottom line


According to a text of the note published by local media, the man said the government had made it impossible for him to survive on the pension he had paid into for 35 years. “I find no other solution than a dignified end before I start searching through the trash for food,” read the note. Police did not confirm whether it was genuine.

What the heck is going on politicians? I feel like making a change before leaving this union.

Tomorrow will be another day…